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As the publisher of The Sisterhood, Michelle gets to spotlight amazing women who are living their best lives! The South Florida based magazine is going national in the spring! Subscribe now to receive updates on the national launch and to find out where you'll be able to get your copy. 


As the author of "Worthy," Michelle is touching souls everywhere with the book's powerful message.  Not only can they NOT put it down, they're also reading it multiple times and sharing it with their friends. 

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Whether she's keynoting an important event or facilitating one of her life-changing workshops, Michelle reminds people that this is not a dress rehearsal and of their power to create their best life. To book her  for your next event to electrify your audience with her authentic message, contact us at info@michellehollinger.com


What people are saying about Michelle's new book:

"Thank you so much for the book. It is SO good!!"

~Ruth Jeannoel

"I am reading the book slowly so that I can absorb every single word and message. It is resonating with me. I think many of us feel unworthy deep down simply based upon our upbringing and how we processed information received by those conveying it. Wow."

~Therese Homer

"I received my book today and read it today. 

It is truly enlightening and I'm sending it to my daughter this weekend." 

~Sylvia Person

"When I received my copy of "Worthy," I immediately began reading it until I finished it. I couldn't put it down. I found my "self" on so many pages, shocked that I was still wounded, when I thought I was "free." I cannot wait to re-read it and do the exercises suggested so that my best self is always who stares back at me. (P.S. "I'll be ordering more copies to share!")

~Pamela Lawhorn-Schwalm

"This. Book. Is. Everything. OMG, you are AMAZING. I read it all in one day, but then I had to go back and re-read it, but slowly. It's PACKED. I wrote all over this book. I highlighted, underlined, put asterisks, exclamation marks and smiley faces everywhere!  I'm purchasing a copy for a friend!"

~Talithia Henry

"This book is awesome! I love the self-validation vision board and the worthiness prayer. I'll be reading it a few more times. It's a must read for men and women alike. BTW, I started this morning while at work and just finished while at work. I couldn't put it down!"

~Nealon Sears, Jr. "

"The book "Worthy" will release ALL the hidden stones blocking your ability to exhale. 

This book has begun to change and redirect my perspective, my life and 

my connection with others. A book for a lifetime of changes. 

Thank you for writing it.  

~Tammy Hollinger

Order your copy at Amazon.com.

Worthy Talk with Michelle

Do you secretly feel unworthy in spaces where others assume you've got it all together? Do you feel like there should be more to life than work, weekend, repeat, work, weekend, repeat? Has self-sabotage ever blocked your path?

Then you definitely want to join us for Worthy Talk with Michelle. This is a weekly chat on Facebook Live where Michelle is discussing the book page by powerful page and going deep into a conversation about worthiness that is all about reviving it and living life fully!

Click here to order your copy of Worthy, then join us on TUESDAYS at 7:00 p.m. for this LIFE-CHANGING discussion about reviving wounded worthiness  in a safe, supportive environment.

The Sisterhood is going national!


Please excuse our absence – about which we have good news and bad news. OK, first the bad news: The Sisterhood is no longer a local publication. The good news and the reason it’s no longer a local publication is, drumroll please – it’s going national!

Team Sisterhood is working with a distribution consultant who has already secured the approval of Books-A-Million! We’re immersed in the process to expand the size of the publication and launch nationally in Spring 2019. 

You can expect more of the same powerful, inspirational sisterhood energy, spotlighting local women who are moving beyond fear and stepping out of their comfort zones to live their best lives. An exciting part of our expansion means celebrities embodying the sisterhood vibe will also be featured on our pages and on our uniquely exquisite covers. 

Be sure to subscribe now to stay in the sisterhood loop! We’ll keep you posted on our progress and let you know when and where you can get your hands on our new version of The Sisterhood!

The actual launch party will happen in early 2019, however, we’re sharing our excitement with a sneak peek and pre-release party on Oct. 27 in New Jersey. 

We’re partying with New Day Associates at the Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott at 9 p.m. If you’re in the NY or NJ area, please join us!!

In addition to hearing from publisher, Michelle Hollinger, the evening will include a chance to shake a tail feather with some of the most beautiful models in the industry, as well as other celebs, influencers, movers and shakers. Grab your tickets and join us!


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